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Wedding Reception at China Boulevard

So it is Summer what do you normally associate with summer? Sun, Sea, Sand, Ice Cream... Weddings!
I think everyone in my family was worried that the weather wouldn't be sunny. It was lovely 29c and sunny but the Bride's Bentley broke down and she was late to the church by 2 hours. My cousin... nervous was not the word to describe him. It was such a beautiful ceremony and it took longer than an average wedding because it was translated to 3 languages; Vietnamese, Filipino and English. So after the beautiful ceremony, starving was not the word that to describe the urgency to eat. My Cousin decided to have the wedding reception at China Boulevard as was closely located on the River Thames near Wandsworth Bridge. It wouldn't really be traditional if there wasn't 7 courses and the wedding lasting the whole day. After having champagne, awaiting for the wedding bus of people to arrive, yes there were about 160 guest. The wedding made my parents broodie so the champagne and strawberries really helped me digest the lecture.

The first course was Suckling pig, quite ironic that the pig festival was on the 29th and 30th July. If I wasn't at the wedding I would of gone there. The crackling was very crispy , they removed the fat in between just keeping the tender roast pork glazed in honey and the crispy crackling. This was accompanied with a sesame and seaweed stir fry.

Because the wedding ceremony took ages, I think everyone was starving, there were 8 people at one table seating. Normally I love sharing tapas or sharing oriental style but when your at a wedding you have to show mannerism, even when your starving. Interesting how people will put food on to their plate but leave the last piece because you don't want to known to be the last person who took that juicy prawn! Sauteed King Prawns, Razor Clams and squid with vegetables. Sauteing uses a small amount of fat in a shallow pan over relatively high heat, the seafood usually cut into pieces or thinly sliced and cooked very quickly to keep in the moisture.

Steam Turbot in Soya Sauce Ginger and Spring Onions, the turbot looked like plaice but tasted like bream. Normally the very traditional way to have Sea Bass is with Soya Sauce and spring onion, maybe it wasn't in season. I did see this enormous fish tank with live stock, inside it made me quite sad to see them all bunch up and ready to be cooked. The waitress kindly served the portions of the Turbot, the fish was very fresh I saw it in the tank 15 minutes before it was cooked. The oriental style of cooking is to leave the fish head on and serve it on a plate, most of the British guess opted out which I found a little funny. They do stay out of sight out of mind.

The Roasted Chicken was crispy and seasoned with 5 spices, I thought this was the most ordinary way to cook chicken. But at a wedding you try to cater for everyone's tastebuds, so I guess familiarity is the key with this dish.

Deep Fried Jumbo Crab Claw initially when it was served some of the guessed asked if it was a scorpion tail. I just laughed so hard and said "we are not in Vietnam," not that I have ever eaten scorpion but I am sure they don't serve it in a ball. The crab ball was filled with a picture of crab, flour and batter, very difficult to eat with chopsticks but had a good portion of crab meat and was Delicious.

One the left side of the platter you can see the lobster head this put most the guest of, authenticity is the key. So I ended up having about 7 portions, yes I didn't leave this wedding hungry, just needing to exercises for a good 4 hours after, China Boulevard certainly gave generous platter portions. Lobster with Ginger and Shallots, was not overly seasoned, it was cooked perfectly. The lobster meat was light and sweet, I put my hands up to China Boulevard, the lobster was better than Marbella Club.

Braised Abalone with Lettuce and Oyster Sauce. Your probably wondering what Abalone is, it's edible sea snails that taste like whelks, a slight rubbery texture with a light oyster sauce gravy on a bed of fresh broccoli. I told the other guest it was pork medallions so that I wouldn't have to eat 8 portions, I think once the guest tasted it, I confessed what it was, they got over the fact of trying new things. They actually really enjoyed the dish, it's not something you would order and cook at home everyday, but definitely suitable for special occasions.

Yeon Chow Fried Rice wrapped in lotus leaf, I don't speak any Chinese so Yeon Chow was a mixture of prawns, clams and scallops embedded in rice, encased in lotus leave and steamed. This is not an easy dish to cook, the rice was flavoured by the lotus leaf and it was very delicious the parcel just oozed of seafood. I was very impressed by this dish.

I have eaten shark fin soup before unfortunately this was a little let down, there wasn't much substance. The shark fin and crab soup was more crab than shark fin, a little bland maybe they should try using a better fish stock.

The Petit Four was a combination of Coconut Jelly and Mung Bean deep fried pastry with sesame seed. My plate only saw 2 not 4, but by this time we had been eating for 3 hours so I was very full. I really enjoyed my time at China Boulevard.

Yes there were more dessert, chocolate filled cupcakes with butterscotch icing. What a genius idea at a wedding. I just wanted to say a Big Thank You to China Boulevard for making this occasions special, decorations were beautiful, the stage allowed the dancers and singers to perform. Hats off to China Boulevard for catering 160 guest.

The venue: China Boulevard
Cuisine: Cantonese
Date visited: 30/07/11
The damage: £448 party of 10 excludes alcohol and service charge
The food: I think the food was brilliant 9 out of 10.
The service: 9 out 10

Will I recommend China Boulevard: Yes most definitely
Will I return: Yes just to eat the Lobster
Will I have my wedding here: Got to find the right man first.... definitely worth enquiring.
Have I had better: Yes but the standard of Chinese food here it very good. 
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  1. Each and everything in life has its own importance....dress..decoration...designing..and at last but not least that is food......yummy! People usually attends lots of wedding and the think they remembered is the , that they had. I bet it was fun to have food at wedding venues in scotland